1. Covered In The Bedsheets - EP
    L. Mounts & The Swellheads

  2. Dancing To The Deadbeats
    L. Mounts & The Swellheads

  3. Spring 2017 Demo

  4. Gauze Children Vs. The World
    Gauze Children

  5. Road To Nothingdome - Single
    Gauze Children

  6. 44 Seasons - Single
    Gauze Children

  7. Perhaps We Were Swinging: Collected Unreleased Demos Vol. III

  8. A Life In Finer Clothing: Collected Unreleased Demos Vol. II

  9. Ghosts Of A Different Dream: Collected Unreleased Demos Vol. I

  10. The Complete Together Sensation (Demos)

  11. Divine Comedy b/w I'm A Freak - Single

  12. Is Not A Vampire And Is Capable Of Love - EP

  13. You Already Know
    L. Mounts & James Poynton

  14. Local Singles

  15. Julius Seizure - EP
    Gauze Children


  17. I Wanna Be A Mage - EP
    Gauze Children & Enpire

  18. Kiss

  19. Constable Pop
    Possible Cop

  20. Ashes To Ashes

  21. Hit The Lights b/w Ride The Lightning - Single
    Gauze Children

  22. Grown In The Ethers Of A Life Once Lived

  23. Creep b/w The Love Of The Milk Martian (Sequences II-VII)
    The Winnetka Youth Organization Alumni Ensemble

  24. Angry Young Man

  25. Flex Your Regret - EP
    Gauze Children

  26. Young And Stupid
    Gauze Children

  27. Original Soundtrack From The Hit Motion Picture All Gauze Children
    Gauze Children

  28. Songs Of Hate And Repulsion: L. Mounts Live

  29. Acougazi I - Single

  30. Burden Music - EP

  31. Staying Up For Strangers

  32. death blooms

  33. Blood Color Sex Hill
    Red House Chili Painters

  34. Druid Ranch - EP

  35. Better
    Gauze Children

  36. Fight Castle

  37. Neon Skyline

  38. ops night moon (song for jess)

  39. All Gauze Children
    Gauze Children

  40. Death Tomorrow Kills Hopeless Today

  41. zero two slash one four slash one five - EP

  42. The International Champion Of Regretting - Single
    Gauze Children

  43. Black Coat - Single
    Gauze Children

  44. Songs That Humans Like: Crowdpleasers & Tearjerkers 2011-2014

  45. Drabacab - EP

  46. The Need

  47. Fantasmagical Weekend II: Weekend At Bernie's III

  48. Put Your Trust In Scum

  49. Hey Ya! - Single
    Gauze Children

  50. Hole In My Skull b/w Fight, Kitty! Fight!! - Single

  51. Crystal Cruisin' - EP

  52. Fool

  53. Spontaneous Lift (Demo)

  54. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [Demonstration]
    Gauze Children

  55. Split w/ Cops + Robbers

  56. Love Beats The Demon

  57. The 2 Tru Story

  58. Three Bob Dylan Songs

  59. Ballad Of Dwight Fry

  60. The Lakeside Band Era

  61. Afterglow - EP

  62. A Place In The Sun (The Astronauts Will Never Find) [Acoustic Demo]

  63. Fan Suggested Covers Vol. I

  64. Against Billy Jackson

  65. end of an era extended play

  66. Insomniac Blues (or, I Will Not Support You In Falling Asleep) - EP

  67. I Will Not Support You In Being Alive

  68. Four Billys - EP

  69. Rosalia - EP

  70. Citrus Tetris (With Emiko George) - EP

  71. love my problems away part two aka stop me if you think you've heard this one before (i guess that means you have free reign to stop me. because you have heard this one before. it's just one of my old songs with new lyrics. but don't stop me. because you can't stop me. we can't stop. we won't stop.)

  72. spoopy.

  73. Seven Kings Of Leon Songs & Five Chuck Ragan Songs

  74. My Dads Shirt (Sorry Leor I Stole Your Idea)

  75. Fantasmagical Weekend

  76. Weekend Pregame - EP

  77. A Bad Asshat's Badass Hat - EP

  78. Popdodge & Daughters - EP

  79. Musical Identity Crisis

  80. I Get Worried

  81. The House On The Dancefloor

  82. Plays Nick Cave

  83. Goodbye Light - Single

  84. Love My Problems Away - Single

  85. Cavalcade Vol. V: Nothing Sacred, Nothing Saved

  86. A Plethora Of Reasons - EP

  87. My Promises Mean Nothing - EP

  88. Angstgiving - Single

  89. La Muerte De Amor

  90. Don't Treat Me Like That - Single

  91. Let Me Take You Home

  92. Cavalcade Vol. IV: An Evening With Desire

  93. Surrounded By Machines: A Tribute To The Mountain Goats

  94. Swell! - EP

  95. I'll Sleep When The Sun Comes Up

  96. The Agatha Christie Sextape - Single

  97. Cavalcade Vol. III: The Final Age Of Paranoia

  98. Behind The Scenes - EP

  99. Actress

  100. Minds Of Mankind - Single

  101. Ambitious Foreign Album Title

  102. The Live Affair II & The Back To The Roots '90s Tribute Show

  103. Cavalcade Vol. II: A Passing Bird

  104. Miss Scarlett In The Ballroom With The Lead Pipe - EP

  105. The Live Affair - EP

  106. Independent Warlords & Civil Frisbees

  107. Cavalcade Vol. I: From Darkness To Daylight

  108. Songs For Leah

  109. Perfect Agnosticism


L. Mounts Chicago, Illinois

Singer of songs. Abstainer of substances. Bringer of plagues.

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